Get Involved

Beyond funding, we need momentum.

We understand not everyone may be able to make a financial contribution to the project. If Our Lady is calling you to help, you can do so by spreading awareness and engaging others in your community.

We are in need of individuals, organizations and businesses willing to educate and inspire others to become involved in our monumental goal of building the Our Lady of Kibeho Basilica.

  • Are you willing to share our efforts and website with others in your community or business?
  • Are you able to get the work out about our project to national or international media outlets?
  • Are you yourself, or do you know, a high-profile person or social media influencer who would be willing to submit a video sharing their support?
  • If you’re willing and able to help in any way to super-charge awareness of the project, please let us know about your efforts.

Together, we can Build Kibeho!

We would love to hear how you’re helping share Our Lady of Kibeho’s message with the world.

Get Involved